Tucson Urban League

About the Tucson Urban League

The Tucson Urban League, an affiliate of the National Urban League, is an interracial, non-partisan community service organization using methods of social work, economics, law, business, and other disciplines to help secure equality for all Americans in every sector of our society. A Tucson Chamber of Commerce committee, led by Henry Quinto, founded the Tucson Urban League in 1971 as a response to a significantly high unemployment rate among Tucson minorities. Tucson Urban League became the 97th affiliate of the National Urban League, and has become a leading force in creating change for minorities in southern Arizona. Today, the Tucson Urban League operates over 20 programs to address the needs of southern Arizonans of all ages and ethnicities. All programs serve to help individuals and families achieve social and economic equality.

The Tucson Urban League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Tucson Urban Leagues Offices are located at:

2305 S. Park Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: (520)791-9522

Our offices are available

M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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Our Goals


"Every American child is ready for college, work and life"

"Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits."

"Every American has lives in safe, decent, affordable and energy efficient housing on fair terms."

"Every American has access to quality and affordable health care solutions."

"Every American has full access to a fair and equitable justice system."

"Every documented and undocumented American has full access to a system of due process as embodied in our Constitution and Bill of Rights ."