Financial Empowerment Center
3425 E Grant Rd, Suite 101, AZ 85716 | (520) 791-9522

Financial Empowerment Center

Financial Empowerment Center

Move up the economic ladder! Earn more, keep more of what you earn, begin to build savings & assets!

Tucson Urban League’s financial empowerment center (FEC) aims to help low and moderate-income families reach financial stability, increase their net worth, and become financially secure and upwardly mobile. TUL’s Financial Empowerment Center model is a comprehensive and integrated approach.

The model integrates four key services:

  1. Employment and career development
  2. Income supports
  3. Comprehensive financial education
  4. Financial coaching to establish individual goals, and action plan to success, and access to safe and well-priced financial products and services.

Contact Information

Yvette M. Moreno
Affordable Housing Counselor
2305 S. Park Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: (520) 791-9522 Ext. 2600