Tucson Urban League

Employment and Training

Our Employment and Training Department move people out of poverty and into a livable wage. We are also critical to making our region’s economy grow by meeting the needs of today’s workforce. Our full spectrum of employment related services include; youth and adult on-the-job training, assistance for school, job placement and summer jobs for youth. Our dedicated staff members work to prepare youth, adults and dislocated workers for jobs in high demand sectors.

Funding provide by Wells Fargo and Pima County One Stop.

Job Placement Assistance

The Tucson Urban League offers job placement services to low-income youth, adults and dislocated workers. In partnership with Pima County One Stops Centers, we provide a comprehensive set of services that prepares clients for the competitive job market as well as referrals for job placement.

Summer Youth Education and Employment

The Tucson Urban League offers a wide variety of summer youth programs targeting youth ages 14-24. Our staff provides young people work experience, basic education instruction and academic enrichment and employability skills training during the summer months. Students get an opportunity to earn credit toward school, gain exposure to the workforce and engage in career and educational planning. This program is a federal funded program and receives funding from Pima County.

Benevolent Fund

Need help with furniture, getting tools for a job, buying school supplies, or car repairs? Tucson Urban League has partnered with Benevolent.net to help you fulfill your need.

For more information, please contact Byron Christopher, Workplace Development Specialist at (520) 724-7644 or Byron.Christopher@pima.gov .

Contact Information

Donna Baker X, Employment and Training Facilitator
2305 S. Park Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: 520-791-9522 Ext 2243