Tucson Urban League

Goal 2: "Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits."

What does the Tucson Urban League do to ensure that "every American has access to Jobs with living wage and good benefits"?

The Tucson Urban League has expanded our existing workforce and community development programs to prepare youth and adults for a future in targeted, high-growth job industries. The Workforce Development Department delivers employment services to individuals and families that encourage economic self-sufficiency through career counseling, job placement, retention and advancement. Our programs under the Workforce Development Act (WIA) provide training and employment services to youth, adults and dislocated workers.

Our strategy focuses on building a 21st century workforce development program that increases employment opportunities in existing and emerging industries including the Southern Arizona Alternative Energy, Bioscience, and Health Industries. The Tucson Urban League is grounded in establishing partnerships with over 200 Tucson-area employers to provide specific training opportunities and job placement for participants. We are also compelled to advocate for economic equality through partnerships with the Pima County One-Stop and community-based agencies working to serve the employment needs of our community. (Other Partnerships?)

What are our jobs programs?

  • Employment Training and Education
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Summer Youth Education & Employment Programs (SYEEP)
  • In School Training and Employment (In-Step)

What are our key initiatives?

  • Job Training
  • Summer Youth Program