Financial Empowerment Center
3425 E Grant Rd, Suite 101, AZ 85716 | (520) 791-9522
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Project YES Preschool & Afterschool

TUCSON, AZ (March 15, 2018) – In keeping with a restructured, mission-focused and sustainable nonprofit business model implemented in 2018, Tucson Urban League (TUL) has moved to 3425 E. Grant Road, Suite #101, Tucson, Arizona 85716. The new location is branded the TUL Financial Empowerment Center – in line with its core missions of investing vital resources into Tucson’s citizenry the available tools, education and employment opportunities necessary to reduce poverty and financially empower people in surrounding communities. The Center will target those who are working but still struggling financially and those seeking work and training.
The new area for TUL’s Financial Empowerment Center was chosen because its 85716 neighborhood demographics reflect a population tipping point. The highest number of African Americans living in Tucson live in this zip code. The area’s inclusive poverty rate is 22.54 percent with an African American poverty rate of 27 percent. Tucson’s poverty rate overall is at 25.2 percent.

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